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D2D LOGO B Feng Shui eyes lip mighty Armadillo walking away 750 pix  9-10-2014Jag cropped G+'d 920 x 370 street legal Borne in the united streets Blacked out windshield  A   compatibility exceptionality productivity  6-21-2014D2D Orange Beamer G+'d cropped 920 x 370 pix street legal Borne bigger blue boxed Blacked out windows with sherrif star  6-22-2014D2D Beetle Macked out with keyboard tray    8-08-2014D2D Time Lapse traffic-jam day time slide   3 with time lines  and mph 2120 pix wide 1200 deep      7-22-2014
D2D Click the pic to goto our savory slideshare picturesque pictorial portrayal of individual vehicles
Adrian & Flagler traffic in windshield Time is money 2120 x 1198 pix with borne sss HUD's statused quoed  Feng shui  status quo sign 8-31-2014
D2D Vehicle Buffet fabulous flickr photostream 9-23-2014
D2D sniffing tails race  3    2120 x 1200 pix w logo  notext zone    7-24-2014
Traffix SUX Texting takes Desking doesn't stacked WITH PRINT 4-07-2014
D2D Texting Takes Desking Doesn't graphic  4-08-2014
D2D speed racer road with night sky with the notext zone meme'd with KE'd out 2360 wide k  5-21-2014Haffey as Fred Flintstone crane tweaked dino tuff stuff traffic sux bubble moving 5-15-2014

Welcome to Dashboards to Desktops.com.  Where the sculpted and decorative dashboard, and otherwise useless and good for nothing wasted space, is quickly and easily converted into functional accessible useful decorative and safely viewable and navigable desktop space!  

D2D is a versatile new tool for any vehicle and useful for everyone!  And is particularly useful for Contractors, Realtors, Cabbies, Inspectors, Chauffeurs,           Truckers, and any vehicle based business!  Or for anyone on the go!

D2D accommodates ALL gadgetry!  The size gadgetry or quantity of gadgetry is not limited by clamps or linkage or anything!  D2D is platform based allowing for everything, gadgetry, sandwiches, and more!

D2D allows for GPS conversion of the larger screened easily viewable laptop type gadgets with the Free Computer to GPS’s conversion programs available at this CNET Link!  

D2D is especially pleasurable to use for the other office!  To just get away and sit cozily in your vehicle and get it done anywhere.  Day or night! And no parking fees usually!  We go to parks or the beach often.

MI D2D and Me with meme 2 2120 pix wide 5-17-2014

D2D is proximity adjustable and can be placed anywhere across the dashboard span along the windshield, depending on the dashboard, and can be used by either the driver or the passenger.  And the passenger fits comfortably depending on the desktop size ordered and the vehicle.  D2D is also exceptional to use on the road trips.

Holy Grail  2120 pix wide 5-29-2014

D2D takes just a second to place over the dashboard!  (Link to short 30 second D2D intro vid!)

D2D removes to the trunk or backseat in a second!  (Link to short 30 second D2D intro vid!)

D2D can be made to any size
 and accommodates most all vehicles!  D2D sizes and finishes are based on your selections and vehicle parameters.  We make the components to match your vehicle and size selections.  Order “any” size desktop and components and specify vehicle parameters at our store.  Finishes are optional.  You can get it “raw” or “well” done!  If doubtful of your vehicle D2D fit, just

shoot us an email or text with year make and model and or a picture of the dashboard.  We have been actively contemplating the D2D scenario over the last 20 years of daily driving in the below pictured dump truck and are confident that our D2D system wood in fact fit most all vehicles.  We are developing arm to dashboard spacer templates and other templates.  The Arm to the Dashboard spacers are the main obstacle.  D2D is Doable for many vehicles!  This ain’t rockets.  It’s just wood.

Comet truck sandwich  2-23-2014

D2D allows for passenger use and seating unlike most of the linkage based police vehicle type or the bulky plastic molded “milk crate” type secured by the seat belt and completely occupying the passenger seat.  And “ALL” of these other types working and or viewing area’s are uncomfortably “low” and even more uncomfortably “way” off to the side.  These other types use cause pains in the NECK!  Turning one’s head sideways to view anything IS uncomfortable and another driver distraction!  Not to mention the additional driver distraction and operational difficulties associated with having to reach over!  These uncomfortable gadgetry placements and additional driver distractions are greatly reduced thru the use of our D2D!  Been there done that with em’ ALL!

Cop in Cop car with laptop  G+ Memed A 850 pix 4-17-2014 (1)PPV Goliath versus D2D David 5-02-2014

D2D driving view is clear and unfettered (link to 3 cam view short vid) by the gadgetry and the gadgetry view and proximity is convenient and comfortable!  (See print below pictures for more explanation on this very important aspect!)

D2D is timely and convenient to use for simple viewing and mousing type surfing!  Plenty of time to check FB, Twitter, G+, Linkedin, ect… updates within the multitude of traffic delays we encounter every day!  Simple keyboarding is also a snap with plenty of time at drive delays.  Driving is only part of the Drive, the rest is waiting for the traffic delay.

Me workin in truck 5-15-2012  5-5-2014

The wait is over!  Embrace the wait!  Don’t just allow the traffic delay to steal any more of your valuable time!  Don’t be forced to just sit and wait at Railroad Crossings and Trains, or Traffic Jams, or Draw Bridges and Boats, or Drive Thru’s, or for Traffic Lights to cycle, And then More Traffic, Buses, Carpools, Picking up, Dropping off, ect…  Don’t just sit and wait anymore!  And then Frust Wait!  Get it “on” with D2D!  No more wasted time! Get your vehicle or car connected with D2D! Welcome the Wait With D2D!  Get CC’D and Hands Free’D with D2D 2Day!  We are the Spurriers to the Cars!

We Stand Behind our D2D to give it our Best Shot!  Sit Behind it too!  Sat – isfaction Guaranteed!

Goto our online store to order yours today!   

D2D traffic light H with stop go NOTEXT DESK G+'d  GET OUT OF JAIL WITH D2D 2120 pix wide  6-10-2014

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